Brain Science and Mindfulness

merge into

– a great working day-

understand how your brain works
and what works for your mind

Our training offers you:

  • a structured way to work.
  •  excellent concentration
  • fulfillment in your work
  • new supportive habits
  • connection to the most important things in your life

Three simple things

that will make the difference

Start your Day

With clarity and purpose

✔ Simple and super doable

✔ Aligns you with your values

✔ Provides priming and focussing

✔ Includes a brain training

Get things done

with focus and ease

✔ Appliable to any job

✔ Boosts your productivity

✔ Lifts your energy

✔ Provides a system you can trust

End your Day

with satisfaction and closure

✔ Pragmatic and fun

✔ Tells your brain it’s time to let go

✔ Prepares you for the next day

✔ Makes you available to your loved ones



About the trainers

Davide Piai

Having experienced burnout first hand, I am committed to help people in making a shift in their work and lives to prevent the unnecessary pain that comes from unsustainable stress.
I rely on cutting-edge neurobiological models to explain the mechanisms by which mindfulness creates a sustainably healthy and productive mind.
Davide is a trainer and stress management coach. He has studied contemplative practices for 20 years, including 5 years at a Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal.

Atilla Mohiddin

Walk the talk
I love the sense of freedom and space! That’s makes my work as a trainer much easier and more inspiring. I think it’s awesome to support people to look as things differently. Seeing new ways to go around in life. Creating habits to make wishes come true. Building on trust that it is within reach! For me that’s self-evident: helping others towards a life where they flourish and excel. That is what the Day is all about! 
Atilla has worked for 9 years as an independent (brain)trainer. He studied Behavioural Economics at the Univeristy of Amsterdam and graduated at the Galan School for Training.